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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Site Updates: Wacky banter, late updates, and advertisments.

Falling... asleep.

Will be posting a new chapter in the Road to Medical School with in 24 hours. 

I know, I know, I keep putting it off. 

But at least I'm not off putting.


Well, maybe to the ladies.

I posted a newPOON Classic (totally ironic, late/new, GET IT?!?!!?!) describing my deft experiment with sleep. 

Also, a few new points regarding doyoubelieve.ca itself:

My sister felt the need to start "defending" herself in my Tweets that may be somewhat "totally incorrect." 

Since she and I have pretty enjoyable banter when she is COMPLETELY WRONG I figured I'd let her have a concurrent Twitter feed to keep me "h


Or to "quote" "her" for the "truth"

"Everything my brother has said about me is a lie."

Sheesh, if she was always around I'd never get to date a girl.


if she spoke up about my thoughts

I doubt I'd ever TALK to one ever again. 

Then again. I still haven't. 

Someday... a pretty girl will talk to me, and it will be special. 

- David

Also advertisements. If you click, I get like, a penny. 

That's like twice my going rate on the street!

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