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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Father's Trial Begins Today

aka This is It
aka A Little Earlier Than I Expected

Just a quick note to anyone who might have the quirky audacity to mention that in my previous post describing the events of the past two years of my life that I had thought my father's sexual assault trial would have started at least a week from now.

It starts today 10:00 AM Saskatchewan time.

Watch for a follow up to my thoughts, and responses to the overwhelmingly insightful comments my faithful readers have sent me upcoming in 'Whatever Happened to David Poon: Reflections and Thanks to the Readers' this Wednesday at midnight. I haven't ignored your comments and messages to me.

And let me clarify - while obviously I have a deep perspective on this issue, I will not post anything regarding the case that has not already been published by a news source. A quick Google News Canada search will confirm that I am not adding any new information, simply restating what is publicly available.

I will not be in attendance of the trial, I have not seen any special documents - my perspective from here on in will be another observer watching the news.

- David

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