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Friday, January 2, 2009

QUOG: Fictional Crush


A little light reading to begin this year's Poon Blog. Some discussion would be appreciated, and incredibly interesting in my opinion. Also, I'm beginning to move the Poon Blog to http://doyoupoon.com/ so if you ever want to share some of my posts with anyone, that's where it will be. Those guys hate me out there, so it would be nice to have some positive feedback other than in my closed Facebook world.

Also, other than in the mirror...

Anyone ever felt so connected to a fictional character that they are emotionally involved?

I just completed 'Tales of Vesperia' for the Xbox 360, something called a Role Playing Game (RPG). An RPG is a style of game where you play as a character and make decisions on their behalf. This usually involves you improving your character in some way, and you essentially take on the role of the virtual avatar - their growth is yours. Their friends are your friends, their successes are your accomplishments, and their trials become real obstacles you need to overcome yourself. Anyway, the game ended, and I can't help but feel this sense of longing... geeky huh? It's like I'm missing someone. And entire world. An adventure.

I should talk on this more in a more full post... anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever fallen for a fictional character?

When I was a kid I had a crush on She-Ra, the princess of power.

Yeah, definately need a lengthier post on this one.

- David


  1. Emotionally involved, yes. When I read Fellowship of the Ring, it was probably the summer after grade eight when I reached the end of the book, I cried when Gandalf died. Almost a decade later I cried again when Dumbledore died. There are other examples of feeling emotionally connected to fictional characters but two is enough for now.

    Now, have I fallen for a fictional character. I'm sure I have, many times. Hm... well, there's Hermione.

  2. hey deop, i'm going to link you via my journal, hope that's cool.


  3. I had some lame crushes.

    Gabe from Penny Arcade? Yeah I had a crush on him a few years ago when I started reading that. That's what first came to mind.

    You can thank Shae for this random comment since I came across you via her link!

  4. David you should probably read this:


    At my medical school, (and yes you know me,) you would certainly be severely reprimanded. I guess i know how U of A rolls, and how they handle their unprofessional students...ie, not at all. I find you blogs offensive, highly unprofessional, and a disgrace to young medical students everywhere. I know it's your opinion, but when it comes to patients, medicine, and this career we will soon have, there are certain things that should be kept to yourself to maintain the integrity of our profession. You're ruining it.

  5. link to cmaj article on name